Friends of Overland (FOO) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organization

EIN: 95-3994813

  • Our charter is to raise money to support critical programs cut by LAUSD.
  • Many of the donations made to FOO are tax deductible.
  • Each family is an automatic FOO member.
  • We have a Board of Directors and Officers who meet on the first Monday of each month, but all are encouraged to attend.
Friends of Overland helps to ensure that Overland Elementary remains the extraordinary public school it is today.
Our process for spending the money we raise is simple.
Budgets are developed by the principal with input and review of administration, faculty, and parent leadership committees.
New funding requests are examined against our previous commitments.

Each year, we raise money to fund the following academic year.

  • FOO works with the administration and other parent groups to identify the financial needs for next year.
  • Our fundraising subcommittees are set.
  • New fundraising ideas are examined against current activities and the school schedule.
Parents are asked to participate in two fundraisers per year:

100% participation rate from Overland parents is our goal.  Aside from donations there are other ways to participate:

  • Scrip
  • PTA
  • FOO Board and Committees

Over the years, we have limited the number of fundraisers that involve the parents donating money. We shifted our focus to include raising money from outside sources, such as corporations and foundations and our Friends & Family campaign.

Our Team


Kristen Lonner


Megan Bycel


Steven Cohen


Susan Hallock Smith

Vice Presidents

Renee Howdeschell

Christine Lanoie

Board of Directors

Larry Browning

Megan Bycel

Steven Cohen

Amelia Collins

Sierus Erdelyi

Anthony Russo

Ira Fogleman

Colleen Ginsberg

Olivia Gonzalez

Renee Howdeshell

Susan Hallock Smith

Hofit Kahn

Eric Shabsis

Alan Shamma

Kistin Lonner

Masa Sekulic

Vishal Kudchadkar

September Rea

Brandon Reif

Lee Rosenbaum

Christine Lanoie-Newman

FOO Committees coordinate the different fundraisers.

You don’t have to be on the Board of Directors to Serve on a Committee.

FOO Committees

Family Annual Donation

Co-Chair: Lisa Siskind Bilgrei

Co-Chair: Aryelle Lawrence

FOO Gala and Auction

Co-Chair: Christine Lanoie

Corporate Sponsorship and Banners

Chair: Sierus Erdelyi

Corporate Giving

Chair: Masa Sekulic

Alumni and Community Outreach

Chair: Phyllis Crotty

Grant Writing

Chair: Christine Newman